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Dr. Carine Abi Dergham

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Carine Abi Dergham Dentist Dubai

Dr. Carine Abi Dergham

Specialist Orthodontist

Professional Summary and Interest

A bit of back ground on where you grew up?
I was born in Beirut in 1990 and grew up there. I remember spending a peaceful and happy
childhood surrounded by family and friends. What is so special about Lebanon is that you
can benefit from four seasons with an amazing changing weather all year round.

What did you study?
I graduated from a French school called Notre Dame de Nazareth after getting both
Lebanese and French Baccalaureates in 2008. I pursued my studies in dentistry at the Saint
Joseph University of Beirut where I got the Doctorat of Dental Surgery degree in 2013 and
the Masters in orthodontics in 2017.

Areas of expertise?
I am comfortable communicating with patients, exposing their diagnosis and proper
treatment plan in a clear and simple way, which gives me the power to convince them to
undergo the orthodontic treatment.
I have a kind and compassionate nature that puts anxious patients, especially kids and teens, at ease.
I give attention to detail and have an artistic touch, which helps me finish my cases with

What is your passion in dentistry?
What I love about orthodontics is that I create beautiful smiles, which gives patients self-
confidence and sometimes changes their lives.

What is your top tip to your patients?
I advise patients to be motivated before undergoing their orthodontic treatment since its
success depends on their cooperation as much as it relies on the orthodontist’s skills.

What is your favorite spot in Dubai :name / where and why
My all-time favourite spot in Dubai will remain the fountains shows of the magnificent Dubai
mall. That might sound ‘cliché’ as it is the most famous touristic spot in Dubai but these
various shows keep on fascinating me everytime!

What is your favorite movie : which one and why
My favorite movie is “Me Before You”. The love story featured in this movie is so different
from all other love stories. We all think that love is about fairytales, stomach butterflies and
a kind of La Vie en Rose feeling where in reality real love requires tenderness, devotion and
compromise. We forget ourselves to serve the other in sickness and weak times.

What book are you reading right now: title / author
There is no book I am currently reading although I love to read but my schedule nowadays is
a bit tight. However, the last e-book I read on Goodreads was the memoir of Michelle
Obama, Becoming. I remember being amazed by this fully accomplished woman who has
emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. S

What podcast are you listening to?
I usually listen to ‘TED Talks Daily’ podcasts; what I like about this podcast is that it happens
every weekday, it discusses every subject imaginable, from business, culture to health and
science, and everything in between. Also, it is relatively short (5 to 20 minutes), what gets you
to learn something new and ignite your curiosity in a fast way and on a daily basis.

What is your favorite hobby to empty your mind?
Outdoor sports such as swimming and jogging while listening to good music is my favourite
hobby. I believe that nature, music and physical effort is the perfect package to empty one’s
mind and let go of all the stress we face in our daily lives. I also like to ski, hit the slopes and
feel the wind hitting my face but, unfortunately, this is an activity that can’t be done on a
regular basis.

A healthy habit to recommend?
A healthy habit I would recommend is to eat well. What I mean by that is having 3 meals
daily topped up with healthy snacks. The tendency in these chaotic days is to skip breakfast
and stick to one meal per day at around 6-7 pm where we tend to eat big quantities and
unhealthy food, which leads to bad digestion and intestinal problems. Also, breakfast is very
important since it kick-starts the body and helps us concentrate during the early hours at

A recipe to share?
The stir-fried noodles dish is always a good idea, since you can use whatever leftovers you
have in the fridge and it will come out delicious with its Chinese touch!
1) Start with dipping some broccoli in boiling water until they turn half cooked, then get them drained.
2) Chop some carrots, cabbage, green onions, leek and mushrooms.
3) Fry 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 3 chopped garlic cloves for 1 minute.
4) Stir in cabbage, leek, green onions and carrots until half cooked.
5) Add the broccoli and mushrooms and let everything cook together.
Meanwhile, let’s make the rice noodles and the sauce:
6) Mix in a bowl 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, 2 tablespoons of honey, ½ cup of low-
sodium soya sauce, 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and a pinch of black pepper. Once
ready, add the sauce to the vegetables.
7) Transfer the cooked noodles directly to the pan. Mix well and serve topped with
sesame seeds and green onions.

For those who are not on lent, add some chicken to it and it will turn perfect! Healthy
doesn’t have to be boring!

Something that you do to lift your mood?
Whenever I feel anxious or frustrated, I pray. It calms me down and gives me inner peace. I
also listen to all kind of music depending on my current mood.

Something that you absolutely avoid doing or thinking?
I definitely avoid having any negative or pessimistic attitude towards challenges and new
projects in life. Positive thinking gives me both physical and mental well-being and helps me
cope better with stress and anxiety.

Who are your heroes in real life and why? = the living person you most

The person I most admire is my father, and believe me, I’m being objective here. He’s
balanced, quiet and calm, yet sociable and has this subtle and unexpected light sense of
humour that everyone loves about him. He’s gentle and kind but also determined and firm in
his decisions. He has strong values and principles and is never willing to compromise on
those beliefs. He will never settle for injustice. He is a pharmacist by profession and is a very

hardworking person, which inspires me to follow in his footsteps.

What is your greatest extravagance?
My husband and I are both car fanatics, we recently decided to splurge on a luxury sports
car, just before the birth of our baby boy. Even though it’s not the perfect family car, we still
enjoy child free rides at the weekend or on late nights in our convertible.

What is your motto?
“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” Confucius.
That’s one quote I particularly cherish among many others.

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