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Sensitivity often increases with age, but it can also be caused by brushing too hard, tooth whitening treatments, or gum disease.

How does dental desensitization work?

There are a few options for dental desensitization, depending on the specific cause and location of your tooth sensitivity. One option is to apply fluoride or bonding materials to the sensitive areas of your teeth, providing a protective seal that prevents further irritation. Another option is to use lasers to seal off exposed nerve endings in the dentin layer of your teeth. Our experienced professionals will assess your individual case and determine the right course of treatment for you.

How to find the right dental desensitization method for you

The way to determine the optimal dental desensitization method for your individual case is to consult with a professional. At CURVE Dental Clinic, our experienced professionals will assess the cause and location of your tooth sensitivity and recommend the right course of treatment. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure you receive top-quality care. Don’t suffer from tooth sensitivity any longer .

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