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Digital Scanning

The benefits of dental digital scanning over traditional methods

It includes:

Better communication with insurance companies and other dental professionals

More comfortable and faster for the patient

Enhanced accuracy in treatment planning

Less radiation exposure for the patient

Experience the convenience and comfort of digital scanning at CURVE Dental Clinic. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Why should I choose CURVE Dental Clinic for my dental needs?

Not only do we offer digital scanning technology, but we also prioritize our patients’ comfort and satisfaction above all else. Our friendly staff will go out of their way to make sure you feel at ease during your visit. And with our advanced technology, we can provide the efficient and effective dental care possible.

Choose CURVE Dental Clinic for a stress-free and comfortable dental experience. Schedule an appointment today!

How to find a dentist that offers dental digital scanning technology

You can ask your current dentist if they offer digital scanning technology, or search for a local dentist that offers it on websites such as Zocdoc or Yelp. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations, or consult with your insurance provider for a list of in-network dentists that offer the technology. At CURVE Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer this advanced technology to our patients. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

Stress-free and comfortable dental experience

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When you join The Curve Dental Clinic, you benefit from our Continuing Care Warranty which guarantees all fillings for one year and all porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers and dental implants for five years.

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