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Kasia Telep

Dental Hygienist

Dr. Carine Abi Dergham Dentist Dubai

Kasia Telep

Dental Hygienist

Professional Summary and Interest

Kasia attended and qualified as a Dental Hygienist in 1995 in Warsaw, Poland.

In 2016, she graduated from Cosmetology School in Warsaw, which helped her realize her passion in manual face therapies. Shortly after, she received further certification in face-modeling therapy as well as rejuvenating manual techniques to support bruxism therapy to release stress from the muscles of mastication with spectacular success.
With over 20 years of experience, (14 years in Dubai) she has focused on personalized solutions to bring unique experiences with amazing results to all her patients. Blending her experience and skills to create healthy smiles and youthful facial appearance.

She takes a fully body integrative approach to oral health and wellness

Since coming to Dubai in 2004, Kasia has become highly experienced in delivering teeth whitening to her patients. She has worked tirelessly and experimenting with the top whitening systems. She loves being able to obtain incredible results for her patients, by delivering individual whitening plan to achieve the best outcomes.
Kasia also specializes in face modeling, trans-buccal massage, bio-aesthetic facial kinesiotaping, dental kinesiotaping, and bruxism support therapy.

All of her skills create a dental experience that brings unbelievable instant results immediately visible on your face. It has the great effect on the general health as well. This makes her personalized programs outstanding – youthful appearance as a “side effect” of taking care of your oral health and associated tissue, facial muscles and skin around the mouth

Manual therapies can be easily recommended to patients with bruxism (teeth grinding), Invisalign and braces or those with stressed and tense muscles.
Personally, Kasia is always an optimistic and positive person. She can’t imagine life without immersing herself in the world of adventure, sport and relaxation.
Her goal is to create beautiful healthy smiles and facial rejuvenation so you can spread positive energy in your life every day.
“Deliver beaming smile and glowing skin with non-invasive and pain-free techniques is my professional goal.”

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