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Dr. Sulaiman Afsali

Specialist Implantologist

Dr_SulaimanAlfsali_Curve Dentist Dubai

Dr. Sulaiman Afsali

Specialist Implantologist

Professional Summary and Interest

A bit of background on where you grew up?
I grew up in the beautiful city Munich in Germany, where i graduated from school. I then went on to study dentistry in Berlin at the Charité University Hospital and was privilaged to work in an Implant Center in Berlin and moved back to Munich where I specialized in Implantology and worked several years in a clinic for Oral Surgery and Dentistry in the center of Munich, where i became the leading Dentist of the dental clinic. I then moved to China and worked there as a Specialist in Implantology where i gave lectures about different bone graft techniques and Implantology for dentists in several cities all over China which I really enjoyed, I then moved to Switzerland Bern where i focused on Digital Dentistry and Implantology, bringing us to today, where I am Specialist in Implantology at the Curve Dental Clinic

Where did you study?
At the Charité University Hospital Berlin

What did you study?

Areas of expertise?
Implantology, Surgery, Bone reconstruction (e.g. GBR), Digital Dentistry

What is your specialty area or your passion in dentistry?
My specialty area in Dentistry is Implantology and Surgery, but most important to me is to understand the wishes and concerns of my patients and with that to provide a smooth treatment using minimal invasive techniques

What is your favorite spot in Dubai :name / where and why?
sometimes a walk in Marina or at the beach and sometimes cycling in Al Qudra

What is your favorite movie?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

What book are you reading right now:
“21 lessons in the 21st century“ Y. H. Harari, (i liked his book Sapiens: “a brief history of humankind“)

What is your favorite hobby to empty your mind?
different kind of sports and listening to music

A healthy habit to recommend?
20 minutes power nap

A recipe to share?
I have a simple and tasty eggplant recipe from my family,
which i will share with my patients and friends

Something that you do to lift your mood?
Music and talking to friends/family

Something that you absolutely avoid doing or thinking?
Avoid imbalance in life

What is your greatest extravagance?
a long vacation

What is your motto?
think positive

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