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Dr. Marianna Velissariou

Specialist Paediatric Dentist

Dr_Marianna_Velissariou_Curve Dentist Dubai

Dr. Marianna Velissariou

Specialist Paediatric Dentist

Professional Summary and Interest

A bit of background on where you grew up?
I was born and brought up in Limassol, Cyprus. Cyprus is a very small island in Mediterranean Sea and one of the southernmost parts of Europe. Cypriots are true islanders, loud and proud, and we enjoy spending time on the beach and big family gatherings with endless feasts.

What did you study?
Upon my high school graduation, I left Cyprus and travelled to Hungary where I obtained my general dentistry degree from the University of Debrecen. I then moved to Dubai from where I gained my Masters of Science in Pediatric Dentistry at the European University College.

Areas of expertise?
Nearing almost 10 years of experience as a pediatric dentist, I am comfortable to provide dental treatment for children from infancy to adolescence covering all aspects of pediatric dentistry from prevention to cure. I can also provide dental treatment under Nitrous Oxide inhalation sedation (laughing gas) and General Anesthesia for children that are anxious.

What is your passion in dentistry?
My goal in dentistry is to help my patients establish healthy habits that will follow them through their youth and beyond. I believe that good oral health plays a major role in improving the overall health and quality of life of a child. I also believe that everyone has the right for a better, healthier and happier future and thus I am very passionate about providing better oral health for people of determination. In line with that, I had participated in Special Smiles Healthy Athletes Team for the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi and I had visited multiple schools for people of determination to spread awareness about good oral health.

What is your favorite spot in Dubai?
I absolutely adore the Al Bastakiya historic district in Dubai. This area is a true embodiment of Dubai culture mixing the traditional and the contemporary, funky and artistic sides as most traditional houses are now turned into art galleries and exhibition centers.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is “Finding Neverland”. This drama movie is based on true events from the life of JM Barrie that inspired him to write Peter Pan. In few words: Just beautiful.

What book are you reading now?
I am currently reading “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight. This book is a memoir by the creator of Nike and it is highly recommended.

What is your favorite hobby to empty your mind?
My favorite hobby is to go for long horseback riding sessions in the desert. Every trip is an opportunity to connect with nature and forget the struggles of daily life.

A healthy habit to recommend?
Eating healthy and keeping your body and mind active is of paramount importance. Keep it consistent.

Something that you do to lift your mood?
Music has always been my healer when it comes to the days I feel down. I particularly enjoy rock, soul and groovy 80’s music. My guitar plays a major role in uplifting my mood.

Something that you absolutely avoid thinking?
I try to keep all negative thoughts away. After all life is just a constant cycle, whatever struggle you are facing now will eventually pass and the good days will come again.

Who are your heroes in real life and why?
My grandparents have been real life heroes for me. My grandfather even though he did not graduate school he made sure that all of his children and grandchildren are well provided and educated. Similarly my parents went through a lot of sacrifices to follow their parents’ advises and provide the best they can for me and my sister. Hopefully, I will one day follow their examples when I have my own children.

What is your greatest extravagance?
My recent big fat Indian wedding is my biggest extravagance. With my husband originating from India and my family’s big feast expectation we went well over budget. But it definitely worth every penny seeing our friends and family together having the best time of their life, creating memories that will last forever.

What is your motto?
“Train your mind, body will follow”. Athletes use this motto as motivation to push their bodies to new territories out of their comfort zone. I try to implement this in all aspects of life.

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