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Dr. Aris Troulis

Specialist Prosthodontist & MD

Dr. Aris Troulis Dentist Dubai

Dr. Aris Troulis

Specialist Prosthodontist & MD

Professional Summary and Interest

I was born and raised in the beautiful capital of Greece, Athens. I was enrolled in the College of Dentistry (University of Athens) in 2003 and received my DDS degree in 2008.

In 2009, I joined the Greek Army – Medical Corps to complete my service as a General Dentist and in 2010, I was accepted in the Postgraduate Program in Prosthodontics in the University of Athens, School of Dentistry. After 3+ years of full-time clinical and theoretical training on all aspects of Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, I successfully defended my Master Thesis research in 2014 and received my MSc degree in Prosthodontics and got recognized as a Specialist from the Hellenic Prosthodontic Society and the European Prosthodontic Association (EPA).

While doing my postgraduate studies, I was working as an associate in 2 dental practices in Athens, as a Prosthodontist, delivering dental treatment to patients in an interdisciplinary approach along with other specialists.

In the dawn of 2016, I received an offer to join King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh (KSA), as a full-time faculty member. Moving outside of my country was a “leap of faith”, but eventually it turned out to be a life changing experience.

Participating in the education and training of the next generation of dentists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, made me a better dentist and allowed me to learn a lot about the culture and way of living in the Middle East. Furthermore, treating patients for the Ministry of National Guard allowed me to further gain further experience, use the latest technology and materials up to that date and broaden my treatment spectrum.

Towards the end of 2018, I decided to move to the UAE and joined as a Specialist Prosthodontist, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib (HMG) hospital in Dubai Healthcare City and in 2020, I joined Dr Michael’s Dental clinic and continued offering my services to my patients in Dubai.

During my career pathway, I gained the experience to be able to plan and execute from simple restorations to complex full mouth rehabilitation using combination of treatment modalities in collaboration with other dental specialists if needed, such as Periodontists, Orthodontists and Endodontists. My dental treatments spectrum includes fixed or removable prostheses supported by teeth and/ or implants, as well as ceramic veneers (Smile makeover), minimally invasive bonded dental prostheses (inlays/ onlays) and restorative dentistry (fillings). I am very keen on the implementation of modern technologies and integration of Digital Dentistry in the everyday practice of Prosthodontics and dentistry, in general, and I can treat patients with mild to moderate TMJ dysfunctions, with the use of removable intraoral appliances.

Due to the fact, I have always been very passionate about improving the treatment modalities offered to my patients and believing that this can only be achieved through continuous education and critical thinking regarding any new developments on the fields of Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry; I have attended numerous national and international Congresses during the last decade emphasized in the field of Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry and have published papers in various local and international dental journals.

Furthermore, I am a member of several international and national associations such as the European Prosthodontic Association, Saudi Commission of Health Specialties and the Greek Society of Prosthodontics and I am currently licensed to practice in the UAE, KSA, Greece and Germany.

I speak English, Greek fluently, German (intermediate level) and basic French.
My passion about Prosthodontics and Dentistry in general is that we can change the appearance and improve the quality of life of our patients, which can positively affect the patients’ confidence and self-image perception. Eventually having a beautiful and healthy smile can improve someone’s personal and professional life.

My top tip to my patients is to avoid missing their 6 month recall appointments, in case they want to avoid any dental issues becoming big and need extensive and expensive (!) dental treatments. Another useful tip: Do not believe everything you see on Instagram and do not do self-diagnosis from Google Search. Also, trust and comply as much as possible with the instructions given by their physician.
My favorite spot in Dubai is any place by the sea. From West Beach to Bluewaters. Growing up in the southern suburbs of Athens; the view of the sea takes me back home, calms my mind and lets me plan my next day.

Favorite movie(s): “The Godfather II”, it might sound scary, but I can guarantee I do not follow similar practices with my patients. However, the reason I picked this movie is because it emphasizes the importance of proper planning of future steps and precise and timely execution of the plan. As a Prosthodontist, eventually I have to plan and visualize the final result from the beginning of the treatment and demonstrate it to the patient. Hence, proper and detailed treatment planning of the full rehabilitation and precise execution is essential for the delivery of esthetic and functional results. Another favorite movie is: “American History X”, because it showed me at a very early stage of my life, to be open and welcoming to all people (regardless of their origins, religion or background) and you can only improve yourself by adapting and integrating new things in your life and practice. Furthermore, it showed me that following dogmas can only keep you in the past and they do not allow you to evolve.

Book I am reading now: “I used to have a plan”, by Alessandra Olanow.
However, I have to admit that I love reading about any new innovations and developments in Dentistry almost every day, and I strongly believe that the moment you become comfortable with what you are doing, you have to leave this comfort zone and try to improve further.

Favorite hobby to empty my mind?: Well, a heavy session in the gym can really help with emptying my mind, or just a long walk by the beach.
Healthy habit to recommend: Eat apples. Do not slice them, bite them. Apart from the general health benefits, they can help you keep your teeth cleaner from calculus accumulation.

Recipe to share: I am very well known among my friends for my delicious “pastitsio” (it is a Greek version of beef Lasagna). I will share the recipe with whoever requests it, however a tip for success; add some shredded Pecorino (salty and peppery yellow cheese) and toasted bread crumbs on top of your bechamel. It will take your pastitsio to the next level. Thank me later.

Things I do to lift my mood: I arrange a home gathering with good friends for a game night or, I call my friends from school in Greece.
Things I avoid doing or thinking: I try to avoid letting bias or opinions of others affect my judgment and evaluation of any situation.
My real life hero: My mother. She has always been there for me, in good and bad times. She has always been an unbiased consultant and a safe harbor during rough periods.

My motto: “Trust the process”. In life and Prosthodontics, even if there will be phases that the situation might not be pleasant or time consuming, if you have set your mind on the end goal, you have planned ahead accordingly and you stay concentrated, eventually the final result will be delivered.

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