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Everything You Need to Know About the Post and Core Dental Procedure!

If you’re in need of dental restoration, you might come across the term “post and core dental procedure.” This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this dental technique, from its purpose and procedure to its benefits and potential risks. Whether you’re seeking to understand the treatment for yourself or a loved one, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Post and Core Dental Procedure?

The post and core dental procedure is a restorative technique commonly used to repair a tooth that has extensive damage or has undergone a root canal treatment. It involves the placement of a post into the root canal of the tooth, which provides stability and support. A core, usually made of composite resin, is then built on top of the post to create a foundation for a dental crown.

When is the Procedure Necessary?

This procedure is typically recommended in cases where a tooth has lost a significant portion of its structure due to decay, fracture, or trauma. It provides a solution to strengthen the tooth and ensure proper support for a crown, allowing for the restoration of both function and aesthetics.

The Procedure: Step by Step

  1. Assessment and Preparation
    Before the procedure, your dentist will conduct a thorough examination, which may include X-rays. If the tooth is deemed suitable for the post and core procedure, the damaged portion will be removed, and the root canal will be cleaned and shaped.
  2. Post Placement
    A post, usually made of metal or fiber, is carefully placed into the root canal and secured with dental cement. This post provides the necessary stability for the core and crown.
  3. Core Buildup
    The core material, often composite resin, is applied in layers and shaped to mimic the natural anatomy of the tooth. This buildup ensures a solid foundation for the crown and restores the tooth’s shape and function.
  4. Crown Placement
    Once the core has been built up, a custom-made dental crown is fabricated and placed over the core. The crown not only enhances the tooth’s appearance but also provides additional protection and strength.

Benefits and Considerations

Advantages of the Post and Core Procedure

  1. Restoration of Function: The procedure restores the tooth’s ability to bite and chew effectively.
  2. Aesthetic Improvement: Dental crowns enhance the appearance of the tooth, providing a natural and seamless look.
  3. Preservation of Tooth Structure: The technique helps preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure, preventing the need for extraction.

Potential Risks and Aftercare

  1. Risk of Fracture: In some cases, the tooth may fracture, especially if the remaining structure is weak.
  2. Post Dislodgement: The post may become dislodged if not properly secured.
  3. Regular Dental Care: Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits are essential to maintain the health of the restored tooth.


The post and core dental procedure is a valuable technique in the field of restorative dentistry. It offers a reliable solution to repair and strengthen damaged teeth, ultimately contributing to improved oral health and quality of life. If you’re considering this procedure, consult with your dentist to determine if it’s the right option for you.

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