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After Care Instructions

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Bite gently, but firmly on the cotton gauze. This will bleeding. Please don’t try to change the gauze directly after the surgery otherwise it will disturb the clotting process. Leave the gauze on the surgical site for 15 minutes. Please do not spit blood often so as not to disturb the clotting/healing process. Keep the site clean and use a fresh gauze if necessary after 15 minutes.

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Brush your teeth normally, except of the wound area. Especially at the day of the surgery. Don’t brush the surgical site and don’t gargle at the day of the surgery. Otherwise, the toothbrush or water stream will remove the clotted blood and this increases the risk of an infection. The day after surgery you can brush your teeth and gargle, but the movements should be gentle. Brush the neighbour teeth of the wound area gently.

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Have a cold and soft diet for the next 24 hours.Chew or eat only after numbness is gone and chew on the opposite site of the wound area. Avoid hot, hard and crumbly food.
Do not use a straw.

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Placing a cold pack on the cheek will control the bleeding and reduce the swelling.

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Please don’t touch the surgical area with your tongue or your fingers, this may cause an infection.

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Take the prescribed medication in the correct dosage at the right time. Water, Gauze and the prescribed medication should stay close to you. So, you won’t have a hard time getting up.

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NO SMOKING NO ALCOHOL – After extraction and while you are taking the medication. Do not do strenuous activities for 2-3 days. Rest and sleep are beneficial. There is no problem with basic daily activities.

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Pay attention to rest and don’t sleep late. Especially between 10 pm to 2 am is the best time for your body to regenerate.

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The sutures will be removed at your next appointment. The post operative follow up is one week after your surgery.

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